Who She Is:
Diana is a Highland Hills, Ohio firefighter, who co-founded Rescue4PTSD and is a proud supporter of the Ohio Fire Chief's Health and Safety Committee, the International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Services and the National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation.

What She Stands for:
Diana believes in fighting for her fellow firefighters through the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Life Safety Initiative #13 Behavioral Health. As Rescue4PTSD biggest advocate, she raises awareness for the campaign by running in full turnout gear.

Why She Wears Fire-Dex:
"I have been wearing FireDex my entire 20 year career and did not want to wear anything else".

Her Accomplishments:
Diana has 9 years of triathlon experience, including 4 Ironman finishes, 7 half Ironman distance races and over 50 triathlons. She is the only Ohio female firefighter to complete the Scott Combat Challenge becoming the Ohio State Champion in 2007 and won the Bronze medal at the Canadian Regional FireFit competition in 2008. 


Who He Is:
Edward Lyell is a veteran of Fire and Emergency Medical services who has served as a Federal Firefighters/ Paramedic for the National Park Service and Department of Defense. He is also a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Federal Fire Department San Diego at Fire Station 12 Naval Air Station North Island located in Coronado, California.

What He Stands for:
Edward competes in Triathlons, Marathons, and Ultramarathons across the United States and around the world in support of various causes. Most recently he completed a 100 mile run in with proceeds benefiting Run4Kids.

Why He Wears Fire-Dex:
"The reputation of Fire-Dex was a huge factor in addition the benefits of the TECGEN71 material, which was a critical factor. This gear allows you to work harder and longer without the same stresses on the body of other gear".

His Accomplishments:
Edward has completed a 5k, half marathon, a 3/4 marathon, two full marathons, a 50 mile race, and a 100 mile race in his Fire-Dex FXR turnouts with TECGEN71.  Additionally, he has competed two successful Guinness Book of World Record attempts:
• 100 mile Run in Full Firefighter Gear with SCBA
• Fastest Half Marathon in Full Firefighter Gear with SCBA