FDXL50 Grey Leather Boot

The latest addition to the Fire-Dex Footwear line-up, this boot offers lightweight comfort and protection together with a traditional, throwback styling that won't break your budget.

Certified to NFPA 1971.

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Product Features

Integrated Pull-On Loops

Reinforced with extra layer of leather and Kevlar® thread to guarantee them for the life of the boot under normal wearing conditions. Quick to don and doff with gloved hand.


2.2 mm, silicone tanned, FR, full grain, heavyweight leather

Lenzi Puncture Resistance

Composite fabric protects the entire circumference of the foot from puncture while adding thermal protection, padding, increasing flexibility, and enhancing comfort

Sole with Vibram®

The Vibram® FIRE&ICE™ Compound can withstand 475°F for 40 minutes and maintains exceptional flexibility and traction in below-freezing conditions

Rubber Toe

Provides added durability. Rubberized toe assists traction when crawling.

Padded Shin Guard

Protection and comfort on ladders and while crawling.

Steel Protective Package

Ribbed steel shank provides support and comfort when standing on ladder rungs or uneven surfaces and #88 Steel Toe provides a spacious and safe cavity for toes. 

Tri-Laminate Lunar Liner System

System of thermal and moisture protection together with the Lunar facecloth, designed for durability and smooth donning and treated with Agion® antimicrobial/antibacterial technology. The breathable barrier is fully sealed and secured to the boot to eliminate liner pull-out. Provides full liquid and bloodborne pathogen protection.

Dual Density SMART Foam Insert

Absorbs and disperses impact energy which reduces foot, leg, and back fatigue, reducing the chances of exhaustion and injury.

Nomex® and Kevlar® Stitching

Nomex® is inherently flame-resistant and Kevlar® offers excellent strength, abrasion resistance and improved flame durability.


  • Leather - 2.2. mm, silicone tanned, FR, full-grain, heavyweight leather 
  • Tri-Laminate Lunar Liner System - System of thermal and moisture protection together with the Lunar facecloth. Lunar material is designed specifically for durability and smoothness to don quickly. Treated with Agion® antimicrobial/antibacterial technology.
  • Sole with Vibram® FIRE&ICE™ Compound -The Vibram® FIRE&ICE™ Compound can withstand 475°F for 40 minutes and maintains exceptional flexibility and traction in below-freezing conditions
  • Steel Protective Package - #88 Steel Toe provides a spacious and safe space for toes. Ribbed steel shanks provide support and comfort on ladder rungs or uneven surfaces.
  • Dual Density SMART Foam Insert - absorbs and disperses impact energy, reducing foot, leg, and back fatigue.
  • Lenzi Puncture Resistance - Composite fabric protects from puncture while adding extra cushioning and thermal protection without losing flexibility


Regular Width: whole sizes 4-16 & half sizes 8.5-13.5

Wide Width: whole sizes 8-16 & half sizes 8.5-13.5

Extra Wide Width: whole sizes 8-14 & half sizes 8.5-11.5

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