Product Features

With the largest collection of options available to maximize performance, FXA turnout gear can be built to suit any fire department's needs and budget. View our most popular offerings below.

Custom Coat Length

FXM Collar

Fire-Dex Collar

Thermal and moisture barriers continue through the very top of the collar and provides full protection without needing a throat strap.

DexFlex™ Back

Expansion pleat gives greater range of motion without restriction. (Optional)

DexFlex™ Elbows

Added pleats shape the sleeve to the natural bend of the arm and provide unrestricted arm movement. (Optional)

Regular & Low Rise Pant

3", 6", or No Rear Bib

DexFlex™ Knee

Pre-bent leg design reduces restriction when crawling, climbing or kneeling. (Optional)

DexCuff™ Reverse Tapered Cuffs

Cuff is tapered up in the back to minimize wear and tear. (Optional)

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