H37 Fire Hood

The H37 model is a 2-layer hood, designed with long bibs and shoulder contour.

Available with extra large bib (PX model).

Certified to NFPA 1971.

Product Features

The H37 model finishes at approximately 23" from top of crown to the bottom of the back, 11.5" from face opening to bottom of front, and approximately 15” wide at the chest portion of the bib.
  • Double layer, knit FR material
  • No raw edges; fully hemmed face opening and bottom
  • Sewn with Nomex® thread
  • Flatlock seam construction
Fuller sizing for one-size-fits-all comfort.
Made in Medina, Ohio, USA.
H37 Hood Pattern

Hood Materials

Fire-Dex 2-Layer Knit Fire Hoods are available in multiple combinations of NFPA 1971-compliant knit materials.

(CX) Double Layer


(NE) Double Layer

100% Nomex®

DuPont Nomex - White Hood Material

(NL) Double Layer

(20/80) Nomex®/Lenzing Blend

(PF) Double Layer

(40/55/5) P84-Lenzing-Kevlar® Blend


Outer: (20/80) PBI®/Lenzing
Inner: (20/80) Nomex®/Lenzing

Photo Coming Soon


Outer: High Strength PBI® (40/60) PBI®-Kevlar® Blend 
Inner: (40/55/5) P84-Lenzing-Kevlar® Blend

PBI fabric

(PS) Double Layer

(20/80) PBI®/Lenzing Blend

Shipping Weight

Approximate shipping weight:  0.5 lbs

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