H41 Interceptor with
Stedair® PREVENT

This hood continues working for you even after 100 washes - blocking 99.9% of exposure to dangerous fireground particles.

Made with Stedair® PREVENT, this hood is built for durability.

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Certified to NFPA 1971.


H41 Interceptor particulate blocking hoods reduce firefighters exposure to persistent fire ground carcinogens and other harmful contaminants.

This 2-layer particulate blocking hood features an inner layer of Stedair® PREVENT carried throughout the entire hood with an outer layer of 8oz Nomex®/Lenzing (20%/80%).


Air Permeability Chart PREVENT hood

Why Choose the H41 Interceptor?

The H41 Interceptor can help to reduce the absorption of carcinogens in the highly-permeable skin around your face and neck.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Unmatched breathability compared to moisture barrier technology
  • Maintains excellent flame and heat resistance
  • Built for durability
  • 8oz Nomex®/Lenzing (20%/80%): TPP of 21.0 and THL of 445.2


Fluorescent Aerosol Screening Test (FAST)

The IAFF FAST test, performed on January 6, 2015, was completed to illustrate which areas of a firefighter's skin are most vulnerable to the exposure of submicron particles while in a typical house fire, some of which can contain carcinogenic properties and have long-term effects on firefighters' health.

The images to the right show the exposure points of a firefighter wearing standard turnouts after 30 minutes within an isolated chamber, filled with fluorescent aerosol "dust" and meant to emulate a fireground. A black light (UV) was used to illuminate the particles that penetrated the gear and found their way to the absorbent skin around the face and neck.


This test was one of the first indications that a culture change was needed in the fire manufacturing industry and carcinogen protection was a necessity to improve the future of first responder health and safety.

In response, Fire-Dex produced the H41 Interceptor® particulate blocking hood, which not only addresses the concerns of carcinogenic particles, but also minimizes heat retention, a common complication found in many particulate barrier hood on today's market.

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