The #1 Cause of On-Duty Deaths & Injuries

The mere act of getting ready to respond to a fire starts the flow of endorphins, heightens all the senses, and begins a stressful process on the cardiovascular system. Additionally, structural firefighting gear is intrinsically thick and heavy with layers designed to protect the wearer from direct flame and extreme heat, and as a result, contributes to the stresses and fatigues that a firefighter experiences.

Fire-Dex is committed to keeping firefighters safe, and while their structural PPE is one of their biggest saviors, when designed or utilized incorrectly, it can play a role in the #1 cause of line-of-duty deaths and injuries - overexertion(1).

All of our engineering, product enhancements, and product releases are brought to market with the 51% of firefighters who perished from cardiovascular related failures in mind.(1)


Today’s fire service responds to a multitude of emergency/service needs. Wearing heavier, less breathable, traditional NFPA 1971 structural firefighting gear is both impractical and a detriment to the wearer’s health.

90% of today's emergency/service calls are nonstructural fire related. Yet, the majority of today’s first responders are wearing their traditional PPE to these nonstructural calls.

59% of line of duty deaths are related to overexertion.(1)

27% of line of duty injuries are cardiovascular related.(2)

TECGEN, a Fire-Dex brand, is a revolutionary breakthrough in personal protective equipment. This NFPA 1951 & 1977 dual certified garment is engineered to serve as an alternate to turnout gear for 90% of responses including medical calls, extrication, MVA, wildland/grass fires, search and rescue, confined space, trench/angle rescue, service calls, traffic control, incident command and support personnel.

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FXR Turnout Gear

Fire-Dex produces the lightest ensemble on the domestic market. Our smart ergonomic design eliminates the need for antiquated designs that incorporate pleats, oversize sleeves, and oversize leg pipes.

Bunker gear inherently inhibits the wearer’s ability to move freely. Fire-Dex’s FXR pattern is specifically engineered to minimize that effect.

FXR gear is the only gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design™ (APD). Designed together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, APD is a collection of design elements that are specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue.

APD focuses on achieving firefighter comfort and mobility through design rather than by oversizing the garment thereby reducing material and bulkiness.

APD gets the firefighter in the ready position with design features targeting the center point of a typical firefighter’s full range of motion, thus eliminating the need to fight the gear.

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FDXL-100 Red Leather Boots

The FDXL-100 is an engineered solution based on modern knowledge and understanding of how the foot and its support is critical to knee and hip stability as well as back support.

The FDXL-100 is not patterned after old antiquated boot designs. The footbed and outsole were designed by industry leading athletic footwear engineers.

Simply put, the FDXL-100 is the only modern boot solution on the market today. 

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Dex-Pro Glove

Fire-Dex has lent the Arms Forward technology and engineering of our FXR pattern bunker gear to our Dex-Pro Glove. Just as the firefighters arms are forward of their torso and their elbows are in a constant state of flex. The fingers of a firefighter are constantly flexing forward of their palm. The Dex-Flex finger mimic the orientation of the hand and finger significantly reducing restriction and minimizing overall hand fatigue.

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