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AeroFlex™, a new era of turnout gear, incorporates material science and design features that supercharge the breathability of your garment while significantly reducing the risk of heat stress and cardiac-related issues. Designed with VaporLite™ Panels and AeroVent™ Technology, AeroFlex™ supports core body temperature regulation, encouraging airflow to keep your body cool and comfortable without compromising the protection you need!


Firefighters - explains eod
NFPA Firefighter LODD Statistics Graphic

51% Overexertion/Stress
15% Crashes
9% Struck by Vehicle, Equipment
7% Rapid Fire Progress
5% Structure Collapse
4% Struck by Falling Object
2% Fall from Height
6% Other

In the line of duty, your biggest danger is heat stress. As your core temperature rises, you lose the ability to concentrate, make sound decisions, and think critically. Today, heat stress contributes to over half of reported line of duty deaths.

When physical exertion leads to accumulation of heat and sweat, your body naturally cools down by allowing sweat to evaporate. Without an escape route for the sweat vapor, it stays trapped against your body.

At Fire-Dex, we’ve discovered that traditional gear fails to cool you down where you need it the most, that’s why we developed AeroFlex™, a groundbreaking leap in firefighter comfort and safety. 


VaporLite™ Panels

We use a breathable, 3-layer composite system that targets the areas of your body where heat becomes most encapsulated, the side seams, armpits, inner thighs, and behind the knees. 

These patent-pending VaporLite Panels allow sweat to evaporate more efficiently than any garment available to the fire service today.  

Composite Layer of AeroFlex Turnout Panels
Cools the Core-01-01

VaporLite™ Panels are built exclusively with our TECGEN71® outer shell, CoreCXP™ 1-layer thermal liner, and your choice of either CROSSTECH® Black or STEDAIR® 4000 moisture barrier*.

TECGEN71® is the only outer shell that can be paired with a single-layer thermal liner thanks to its exceptional breathability and thermal protection, achieving industry-leading Resistance to Evaporative Heat Loss (Ret) and Total Heat Loss (THL) performance. Choose any composite for the rest of the garment and allow these panels to cool the core.

*Stedair® Clear™ also available

Male and Female Firefighters wearing AeroFlex in alley

AeroVent™ Technology

AeroVent™ Technology by Fire-Dex

The first of its kind, our AeroVent™ Technology utilizes a patent-pending one-way street ventilation design that operates in conjunction with the pressure differential between the outer environment and the microclimate inside your gear, allowing sweat vapor to escape without letting heat inside.

AeroVent™ Technology enables you to better regulate your core body temperature, reducing the risk of heat stress and other cardiac-related issues.

Particulate-blocking technology in the vents act as a barrier against potentially harmful carcinogens.

The vents lie within the VaporLite™ Panels, with two positioned along the armpits and two placed on the inner thighs, facilitating airflow, and promoting optimal cooling where it matters most.


By promoting airflow through dynamic movement, AeroVent™ Technology generates a constant cooling sensation. As the wearer becomes more active, increased air circulation within the garment results in a heightened cooling experience.

shows heat and movement of the gear
Firefighers with Aeroflex

“I am amazed at how cool I felt. I tried on several occasions to saturate myself with as much convective and radiant heat as possible, then when I moved around, I actually started to cool off. This has never happened in any other set of gear I have worn before. The AeroVent™ Technology is amazing.” 
- Battalion Chief
Chad Christensen, LA County 


Multiple independent laboratory tests proved that AeroFlex provides excellent breathability and extreme protection.  

Serious Safety 

The North Carolina State University Textile Protection And Comfort Center tested AeroFlex™ gear with a simulated burn in their PyroMan™ test chamber. They outfitted a mannikin with AeroFlex™ and tested it with a heat flux similar to most common fuels—2000°F flames for four seconds. Those flames were aimed specifically at areas with ventilation. 

The results? They found 0% burn on the mannikin, showing that AeroFlex™, with the power of AeroVent™ Technology and VaporLite™ Panels, prevents heat from getting in and protects the firefighter.   

FSU Physiological Test_

Enhanced Breathability 

We sent two sets of gear to the Florida State University ThermaNOLE Comfort Lab® to test how well AeroVent™ Technology and VaporLite™ panels cool down the body 

Both sets used the exact same main composites: one was AeroFlex™ and the other was a standard set of gear. They were placed on a specialized mannikin with a membrane that acts like skin. The mannikin simulated the equivalent workload of overhaul activities and researchers analyzed the mannikin's sweat rates and core temperature.  

The AeroFlex™ gear resulted in a lower core temperature and a decreased sweat rate, proving that the AeroVent™ Technology and VaporLite™ Panels effectively keep you cooler during strenuous activity. This decreases the risk of heat stress and gives you more working time before overheating.  


Invest in AeroFlex™ Turnouts, because protecting your
department from the effects of heat stress is priceless.


Firefighter climbing ladder in AeroFlex Turnouts

Coat Features

"AeroFlex™ is light, comfortable, and easy to manipulate.
The thermal protection has been tested several times,
and the jacket holds up well to the daily beating it takes."

- Lieutenant Kimo Naumann, Memphis Fire

Firefighter in Gear.

Pant Features

Find Your Fit

We go beyond industry standards to ensure a proper fit for your comfort and safety. Our commitment to inclusivity not only extends to offering custom coat lengths, inseams, and sleeve lengths, but also to offering coat and pant fit options tailored to fit your body type. We ensure your gear is made to enhance and optimize your movements without restrictions, guaranteeing you have the best fit.


Made for average body types, the regular jacket design features a straight and relaxing fit that maximizes comfort.


Made for body types with wider hips, our flare fit jacket offers more room around the mid-section, providing additional comfort and breathability. The flare extends as needed to fit any body type.


Made for average body types, our regular pant design features a straight and classic fit, accommodating hips up to 10” larger than waist size.


For body types with wider hips, our relaxed pants allow for more room around the mid-section, providing additional comfort and breathability, for ease of donning and doffing over the hips.


“I have worn it in hundreds of live fire evolutions and in various
environments. As we exit the live burn evolution, the
gear cools quite quickly and it seems to keep me cooler
(core temperature wise) in my lower body than my previous set of gear.
It is quite helpful in lessening overall fatigue.”
- Firefighter Andy J. Starnes, Insight Training LLC  

“We went into a commercial fire and noticed a lot
less fatigue while wearing the gear and still
felt comfortable for some time after.”
- Lieutenant Matt Jaynes, Seminole County  

“The difference was felt while active. While moving there
was a noticeable difference among the participants
who all described the gear as cooler. This is the first
garment I have tested that addresses the overheating
of the firefighters by reducing heat stress.”

- Firefighter
Bradley Smith, Long Beach 

"AeroFlex™ is light, comfortable, and easy to manipulate.
The thermal protection has been tested several times,
and the jacket holds up well to the daily beating it takes." 
- Lieutenant Kimo Naumann, Memphis Fire 

“I am amazed at how cool I felt. I tried on several occasions to
saturate myself with as much convective and radiant heat as
possible, then when I moved around, I actually started to
cool off.
This has never happened in any other set of gear I have 
worn before. The 
AeroVent™ Technology is amazing.” 
       - Battalion Chief Chad Christensen, LA County