Moisture barriers are an essential part of a turnout composite, responsible for thermal protection, breathability, and waterproofness. They play a critical role in protecting the wearer from chemicals, liquids, and bloodborne pathogens while allowing water vapor to escape. 

We’re proud to be the first PPE manufacturer to offer a non-fluorinated moisture barrier option to the fire service. While all modern outer shells and thermal liners are made with non-fluorinated materials, this is the first non-fluorinated moisture barrier approved for use in a composite. No matter which moisture barrier you choose, Fire-Dex gives you options for unmatched garment breathability.


Stedair® Clear™, weighing in at 6.5oz/yd2, is constructed of a Nomex woven pajama check laminated to a non-fluorinated barrier with a highly engineered polymer coating, which translates into outstanding durability. Certified to NFPA 1971-2018 and certified to Oeko-Tex, Std 100. Stedfast offers a 3 year warranty on this product.

Why Fire-Dex?

Selecting a non-fluorinated moisture barrier impacts overall breathability. By choosing Fire-Dex, our innovative material science means that we can provide the most breathable composites with a non-fluorinated moisture barrier on the market.  

TECGEN71® Outer shell

If you opt for a non-fluorinated moisture barrier, our TECGEN71® outer shell paired with a one-layer thermal liner achieves 300+ THL, the highest available on the market by over 50 points.  

TECGEN fiber brings a higher thermal protection to the outer shell, allowing you to pair with a one-layer thermal liner, bringing the weight of the ensemble down significantly. TECGEN71® is designed to lessen heat stress by improving THL (Total Heat Loss), reducing weight, and increasing the flexibility of three-layer composites.  

Stedair® Clear™ Composites

Higher values = Better breathability

FDX_THL_Non-Fluornated Breathability Chart_CLEAR_Web_RET Chart_02.26

UL Composite Performance Review

Outer Shell Moisture Barrier Thermal Liner THL TPP (AR)
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ CoreCXP™ 1L 310 36
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ Nano 270 43.3
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ CoreCXP™ 2L 265 41.5
Pioneer™ Stedair® Clear™ Titanium™ 2L 256 37.7
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ Glice Ice™ 1L 250 39.1
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ 2L 249 43.8
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ Prism™ 1L 248 37.3
Agility™ Stedair® Clear™ Titanium™ 2L 247 38
PBI® Peak 5 Stedair® Clear™ Titanium™ Nano 245 35.1
TECGEN71® Stedair® Clear™ Titanium™ SL2 244 42.3
Outer Shell Moisture Barrier Thermal Liner THL TPP (AR)
PBI® Max™ LP Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ 1L 241 36.3
PBI® Peak 5 Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ Nano 236 38.1
PBI® Max™ LP Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ Nano 233 40.8
PBI® Peak 5 Stedair® Clear™ Titanium™ SL2 229 38.2
Armor AP™ Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ 2L 222 40
PBI® Max™ LP Stedair® Clear™ Glice Ice™ 2L 222 42.1
Pioneer™ Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ 2L 222 43.2
PBI® Max™ 7 Stedair® Clear™ Titanium™ SL2 221 40.3
PBI® Max™ 7 Stedair® Clear™ CoreCXP™ 2L 218 40.1
PBI® Max™ 7 Stedair® Clear™ Glide Ice™ 2L 214 43.7

Aeroflex™ Turnout Gear

Help offset the loss of breathability by choosing our newly released innovative line of turnout gear. AeroFlex™ features AeroVent™ Technology and VaporLite™ Panels that support core body temperature regulation and encourage airflow.

Our AeroVent™ Technology is a patent-pending one-way street ventilation design that allows sweat vapor to escape outside without letting heat or carcinogens in, enabling you to better regulate your core body temperature.

VaporLite™ Panels are built exclusively with our TECGEN71® outer shell, CoreCXP™ 1-layer thermal liner, and your choice of moisture barrier, allowing heat to be released where it becomes most encapsulated. If you choose a different combination for the rest of the garment with a lower THL, these panels still produce higher breathability and cool the core of your composite.