TG51 Fiber

TECGEN51® is an exclusive and patented Fire-Dex NFPA 1951 and 1977 fabric. This flame-resistant, twill-weave material offers superior THL, TPP, and RPP. Its unique blend achieves optimal durability and breathability, and has no intentionally added PFAS.

TECGEN51® is offered in Black, Tan, and Navy and available with the following products: TECGEN51 Fatigues, Wildland Tech Rescue, EMS, and USAR.


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By utilizing innovative technology from Milliken, this fabric provides you with a non-fluorinated material option that improves sustainability by using an eco-friendly water resistant formula. Milliken Logo-Wht



This lightweight material has a non-PFAS DWR finish while offering high levels of TPP, RPP, and breathability. If you would like more information about its tested performance, contact your local Fire-Dex sales representative.


  • TECGEN71 Outer Shell - Black Swatch BLACK
  • TECGEN51 Tan TAN
  • TECGEN Fabric Navy NAVY

Products Available with TECGEN51 Fabric

  • Perfect for wildland & technical rescue
  • non PFAS single layer garment
  • Available as a jacket/pant or coveralls
  • NFPA 1951 & NFPA 1977 Certified
  • Built for emergency medical calls
  • Bloodborne & pathogen resistant
  • Optional zip-in fleece or nylon liners
  • NFPA 1999 Certified
EMS gear- Full Side View
  • Great for rescue & emergency medical calls
  • Moisture barrier protection
  • Available as a jacket/pant
  • NFPA 1951 & 1999 Certified
USAR tan Full side view
  • Made for wildland & technical rescue
  • Lightweight, single-layer garment
  • Available as a shirt/pant
  • NFPA 1951 & NFPA 1977 Certified
Wildland Tech Rescue

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