Proper clean and repair maintenance is the key to the longevity of your turnout gear. Keeping up with maintenance can help you in three ways:

  1. Reduce your risk of exposure (or exposing someone else) to carcinogens
  2. Save your department money
  3. Extend the usable life of your garments

At Fire-Dex, we believe it’s vital for all firefighters to follow NFPA 1851 guidelines. For any interested department, we offer educational video tutorials on proper cleaning and inspection techniques to help you stay updated on the current standards.

Need to arrange clean and repair services? Our verified ISP Gear Wash, is UL certified and  updated to the current NFPA 1851 2020 standard! You can count on our PPE specialists to take care of your gear through advanced cleanings, inspections, repairs, alterations, and other customized services that meet industry-established standards and manufacturer requirements.

Looking for other clean and repair facilities near you? We suggest you reference Intertek and UL Product iQ.