From Rescue & Extrication to Emergency Medicine, we have your alternative PPE needs covered. Check out our single and dual certified gear.

TECGEN51® Fatigues

NFPA 1951 & 1977

Easily power through 90% of your calls with this single-layer garment designed to require less cardiovascular energy than your structural gear. Dual-certified to give you the protection you need, our TECGEN51® Fatigues reduce heat stress, fatigue, and the spread of harmful carcinogens.

EMS Gear

NFPA 1999

Made for Emergency Medical professionals, our durable EMS gear is waterproof and bloodborne pathogen-resistant to provide optimal protection from line-of-duty hazards.


NFPA 1951 & 1999

Tackle the most rugged challenges of technical rescue and emergency medicine with our versatile USAR Gear! This garment can be worn for most non-fire calls while offering maximum protection against common chemicals and bloodborne pathogens.

Reduce heat stress & carcinogen exposure while saving up to 30% per firefighter when you bundle three products with the Interceptor Package.

1. Custom Turnouts

2. Particulate Blocking Hood

3. Alternative PPE

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Wildland Gear

NFPA 1977

A lightweight and economical choice for serious protection during outdoor fire emergencies, our Wildland Gear delivers an array of features for secure tool placement needed in unpredictable environments.

Firefighter Cover Pants

NFPA 1977

Move easy in lightweight gear that pairs the strength to combat wildland fires with the comfort to work around the station or quickly respond to medical emergencies.

Wildland Tech Rescue Pants

NFPA 1971 & 1951

Dual-certified protection that provides comfort and convenience for a variety of rugged Technical Rescue responses.