Our wide range of hoods offer a variety of protection and coverage options. We guarantee you’ll find the desired level of protection for your department! 

Captain Jim Particulate Blocking Hood

If you’re concerned about thermal protection, the Captain Jim Fire Hood is an elite choice! With a long-standing reputation for superior TPP and THL performance, this hood is sure to make you a loyal fan.

H41 Interceptor® with Stedair® PREVENT

Made with Stedair® PREVENT, the H41 Interceptor® Hood is built for durability and blocks 99.9% of persistent fireground carcinogens, even after 100 washes.

H41 Interceptor® with Nomex Nano Flex

The H41 Interceptor® Hood boasts excellent situational awareness while reducing your exposure to potentially harmful fire ground carcinogens. Streamlined to reduce bulk, this extremely durable hood provides optimal comfort while maintaining breathability!

Reduce heat stress & carcinogen exposure while saving up to 30% per firefighter when you bundle three products with the Interceptor Package.

1. Custom Turnouts

2. Particulate Blocking Hood

3. Alternative PPE

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Classic Hoods

Keep a cool head under fire with our classic knit firefighting hoods. Designed with your health in mind, these hoods are the perfect addition to your protective ensemble!