Structural Fire Boots

Get superior levels of durability and comfort with our structural firefighting boots! You can feel secure in any environment with the ultra flexible FDXL200 red leather boot or traditional steel toed FDXR100 rubber boot.

Structural Fire Gloves

Extreme comfort and superior thermal protection come together to forge our most popular product: the Dex-Pro Glove. Slip the gloves on and instantly feel the difference that makes the Dex-Pro shine against all other structural gloves with its rollover fingertips, 360 degree range of motion keystone thumb, and durable reinforcements.

No matter the conditions, you can rely on our suspenders to hold up all day long! With your choice of H-Back or X-Back styling, you never have to worry about potential sagging when climbing, crawling, or lifting on the job.

Isolation PPE

We have durable non – surgical isolation PPE made for emergency service professionals built with Level 1 and Level 3 materials. Try our Level 1 and Level 3 isolation gowns, or our Level 3 isolation coveralls! Each offers barrier protection which exceeds CDC, IAFF and IAFC guidance for COVID-19 related responses and is durable enough to outperform after multiple wash, dry, sanitization cycles.
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