Firefighters come in all shapes and sizes... That's why our turnout gear does too! We offer fully customizable and economical NFPA 1971 turnout options to meet your department’s unique needs.  

Browse the game-changing features that set our turnout gear apart from the rest. 


Full thermal and moisture barrier protection without the confining throat strap.


Get more mobility with naturally bent elbows, helping the gear flow with your every movement.


Crawl, climb and kneel freely with comfortable, pre-bent legs that reduce restricted movement.


Minimize fabric wear and tear by reducing materials that drag or rub against the ground.


AeroFlex™ Turnouts

A Groundbreaking Leap in Firefighter Comfort and Safety

AeroFlex™ Turnouts combine next-generation material science and design features that supercharge the breathability of your garment while significantly reducing the risk of heat stress and cardiac-related issues.


Boasts a slim, comfortable fit

As the ONLY gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design, these turnouts are built to achieve a fit that conforms to you! To get the lightest, most breathable, and most flexible gear in the fire service, pair FXR turnouts with our exclusive TECGEN71® outer shell.

Reduce heat stress & carcinogen exposure while saving up to 30% per firefighter when you bundle three products with the Interceptor Package.

1. Custom Turnouts

2. Particulate Blocking Hood

3. Alternative PPE

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Functional design paired with modern features

FXM Turnouts prepare you for action with modern features, allowing you to lunge, climb, and crawl smoothly through the fireground with a seamless gusset and modern tapered hem to eliminate exposure! Simply pick between our budget-friendly standard design or opt to customize your turnouts using our variety of options available to fit your department's unique needs.  


Quality gear on a budget

Our FXC Economical Turnouts are the perfect choice for any department looking for high-quality gear on a budget! Built with our most popular features, you can pick between our standard or deluxe models to give you added strength when you're needed most.  


Every turnout composite system is made up of an outer shell, moisture barrier, and thermal liner. Taking the time to understand the importance of each layer and its benefits, is key to keeping your crew safe!

We partner with the leading suppliers to bring you the best materials the industry has to offer. Browse our Material Selection Guide to learn more about the products that create your turnout gear.

Find Your Fit

We go beyond industry standards to ensure a proper fit for your comfort and safety. Our commitment to inclusivity not only extends to offering custom coat lengths, inseams, and sleeve lengths, but also to offering coat and pant fit options tailored to fit your body type. We ensure your gear is made to enhance and optimize your movements without restrictions, guaranteeing you have the best fit.