Reason #1 to Keep Your Turnout Gear Clean: Carcinogens

Firefighters are significantly more likely to develop cancer in their lifetime than the rest of the population.
Visit for the most recent statistics.

Dirty turnout gear carries cancer-causing carcinogens long after leaving the fireground.
Visit Code 3 for a Cure to learn more about the topic.

Reason #2 to Keep Your Turnout Gear Clean: Wearing Dirty Gear Puts You In Danger

Wearing dirty gear can make you less visible on the fireground by reducing your reflectivity. It can also increase your risk of catching fire or experiencing an electrical shock.
Read up on the Best Practices for Reducing Firefighter Exposures to Carcinogens published by the University of Arizona for some great tips to stay safe!

NFPA 1851 Trainings

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