Additional Information

Reason #1 to Keep Your Turnout Gear Clean: Carcinogens


 Firefighters are significantly more likely to get cancer than the rest of the population.
• Dirty turnout gear carries cancer-causing carcinogens long after leaving the fireground.
Visit Code 3 for a Cure to learn more about the topic, and for summaries and links to many studies done on the topic -

Reason #2 to Keep Your Turnout Gear Clean: Dirty Gear Can Be Deadly


 It can increase your risk of electrical shock.
• Your gear could catch on fire.
• It loses its reflectivity making you less visible on the scene.
• The dirt particles wear away at the fabrics and destroy their protective properties, leaving you WAY less protected than you thought you were (heat and flame resistance degrades too, not just water repellency)
To learn more about these topics and much more, check out this great article by the Carolina Fire Journal, “A Case for Clean Turnout Gear” by John Gary.

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