The Interceptor Package

Change the way you think about your PPE

Reduce heat stress & carcinogen exposure while saving up to 30% per firefighter when you bundle three products with the Interceptor Package!

Our economic package bundles the following products:

Custom Turnouts

Fully customizable, FXR Turnouts are built with Active Posture Design™ to mitigate overexertion while achieving the perfect fit.

Particulate Blocking Hood

Built with particulate blocking technology, our durable hoods reduce the absorption of harmful carcinogens into the highly permeable skin around your face and neck.

Alternative PPE

Wear the right gear for 90% of your calls while reducing heat stress and the spread of contaminants with your choice of TECGEN51 Fatigues, EMS or USAR gear.

Particulate Blocking Hood in ActionClevebuck18


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Alternatives to Firefighter Turnout Gear

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Learn How To Bundle With The Interceptor Package

Fire Gear Is The Solution! Statistics have shown the risks firefighters face in their line of duty, especially as it relates to cancer and heat stress. Due to the exposure of carcinogens, cancer rates among firefighters is higher than the public at large. There…

Change The Way You Think About Your PPE With The Interceptor Package

Change The Statistic And Defend Yourself Statistics have shown the risks firefighters face in their line of duty, especially as it relates to cancer and heat stress. Unfortunately, job-related exposure to carcinogens and other fire-ground toxins is a reality, but…


The PPE Maintenance Package from Gear Wash is designed to help your department budget for PPE care and maintenance services.

Ensure you're working towards becoming fully compliant with NFPA 1851 by using this predetermined cost for at least one annual visit for any gear brand.