With heat stress and cancer as the leading causes of firefighter occupational deaths,
it’s time to change the way you think about your PPE.

The Interceptor Package combines 3 products to combat the elements & keep you safe!

TECGEN51 Fatigues

Dual-certified to handle the toughest non-fire calls while mitigating the use of potentially-contaminated structure gear.
*May be substituted for EMS or USAR gear.

H41 Interceptor Hood

Particulate blocking hood, designed to be a barrier against potentially carcinogenic particles.

FXR Turnouts

Customizable turnouts, built with Active Posture Design™ to help reduce overexertion.

It’s likely this complete protective package is already in your budget!

We are able to substantially reduce the cost to your department by bundling these products as opposed to selling each individually, making it easier for you to focus on getting the right gear to keep your crew protected rather than how much you can afford.


Wearing structural gear on non-fire emergencies can cause unnecessary heat stress and contribute to repeated exposure of contaminants. Watch the video to learn how the Interceptor Package can help!


We collectively need to stop looking at fire gear as a product and begin to look at it as a solution to aid in the reduction of heat stress and exposure to carcinogens.


We understand that sometimes providing higher levels of protection can create significant stress on the budgets of many fire departments. Our solution is the Interceptor Package.


Cancer is a growing epidemic in the fire service. Keep your crew safe! Use our list of preventative measures to help reduce your risk of exposure.