Do you need to wear exposed turnout gear to drive a fire truck?

Respond from the station in lightweight TECGEN51 fatigues, dual-certified for 90% of your calls ensuring you never have to wear previously contaminated gear.

How is spending 60 seconds donning structure gear at the station different from donning at the scene?

Keep your cab clean and protect yourself and others by wearing TECGEN51 fatigues to minimize the spread of contaminants.

Did you know that 51% of LODDs are caused by overexertion or cardiovascular failure?

Don’t let your gear wear you down. Reduce stress and fatigue by wearing FXR turnouts which allow for full range of motion – especially while wearing your SBCA!

Is your hood providing the protection you need?

Choose the H41 Interceptor™ particulate blocking hood to reduce the absorption of carcinogens into the highly-permeable skin around your face and neck.

How will YOU change the statistic?

We know that 68% of firefighters are contracting some type of cancer in their lifetime. The Interceptor Package™ can help combat that statistic.


The Interceptor Package™ combines 3 products to combat the elements & keep you safe

Maximize your protection with TECGEN71, the best balance of Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) and Total Heat Loss (THL) in the history of turnout gear.