FXR Custom Turnouts

FXR turnouts are specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue through Active Posture Design™, allowing for full range of motion - especially while wearing your SCBA!

Made in the USA logoCertified to NFPA 1971.

Product Features

FXR firefighter turnouts are the only gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design™ (APD) to achieve the perfect fit and maximum flexibility. Engineered together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, APD is a collection of elements that minimize firefighter stress and fatigue.

These turnouts boast a slim, comfortable fit that has been perfected through collaboration with our customers.

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OmniDex™ Shoulder

Eliminates coat rise and sleeve retraction by moving the shoulder seam to the natural bending point.
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OmniDex™ Shoulder Interface with SCBA

Designed to work in conjunction with your SCBA - no material bunching under or around SCBA straps, preventing "shoulder-lifting" your air pack when reaching or crawling.
FXR modern collar
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Seamless Collar

Comfort and NFPA compliant protection without the need for a throat tab.
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DexFlex™ Elbows

Added pleats bend the sleeve to the natural shape of the arm, providing less restriction in movement.
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Allows for Shorter Coat Length

With the dramatic reduction in coat rise, wearers can safely opt for a shorter coat which eliminates restriction on upper legs (30" coat shown). Reduced coat length also means less fabric and therefore less weight.
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Athletic Cut Design

Provides natural movement and comfort in a forward firefighting position.
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Comfort Inseam

Replaces the standard 4-way seam in the crotch with a seamless gusset to reduce bulk and wear & tear.
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DexFlex™ Knees

Move freely and reduce resistance with naturally-bent knees.
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Fire-Dex Construction

From pattern design and manufacturing to seam construction and inspections, Fire-Dex goes the extra mile to ensure you have gear that fits correctly and works well with other equipment. All custom turnouts come in custom coat lengths, inseams, and sleeve lengths to ensure the best fit.

Below are just a few examples of the attention to detail that is put into the design and manufacturing of Fire-Dex Turnout Gear.

Double Lock Stitching

Fire-Dex uses lock stitching on all major seams, cuffs, and reinforcements, with 4 rows of lock stitch on all reflective trim and hook & loop closure material.

Deep Water Well

Deep Water Wells

Deep sleeve water wells provide a natural glove/sleeve interface, keeping water out of the inside of sleeves.

Superior Pockets

All Bellows Pockets are reinforced with Kevlar® for the best cut resistance. All Radio Pockets are fully lined with moisture barrier, including the pocket flap. All pocket flaps are extra long to ensure complete closure, no matter the bulk inside.

Four Point Liner Tabs

Liner Tabs

Liner retention snap tabs come standard on all Fire-Dex coats to prevent "liner creep-up". Our standard liner tabs at the pant cuff are placed at the front and back to avoid wear between legs.

hydostatic tester

Detailed & Documented Moisture Barrier Seam Testing

We are partnered with both Moisture Barrier suppliers, W.L. Gore and Stedfast, and established a controlled environment for the most effective seam sealing. Every 10th garment is tested!

Hook & D Rivets

Hook & D Rivets

Always reinforced with a leather backing.

Sewn Layers of Turnout Composite

Moisture & Thermal Sewn Together

Prevents debris from entering between the layers and causing damaging abrasion to the moisture barrier. Inspection Ports can be added to any Fire-Dex Custom Turnout Coat or Pant.

Continuous inspection

Continuous Inspections Throughout Construction

Seventeen (17) inspection points throughout the process. Each team has an inspection station with electronic access to all specifications and work instructions.

Extra thermal protection in compression areas

Extra Thermal in High Compression Areas

Additional thermal protection is sewn to all high compression areas, such as knees, elbows, and shoulders, standard.


FireDex Options - Closures


Camlock Suspenders


Bellow Hand Pockets

Hand Pockets & Bellow Pockets

Radio Pockets

Hooks, Clips & Straps

Thermal Enhancements

FireDex Options - Patches and Labels

Patches & Labels


Lettering Patches

FireDex Options - Sleeve and Leg

Sleeve & Leg Options

Material Selection Guide

Fire-Dex garments allow you to get the most out of your fire gear by offering a wide variety of outershells, thermal liners and moisture barriers.  To discover which composite offers the TPP/THL you need to stay safe, visit FireWriter2 to begin building your own custom fire fighter gear or visit our material selection guide for more information.

Turnout gear should move with your body, helping you reduce exertion during everyday tasks.

Our FXR Turnouts are fully customizable and specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue through Active Posture Design™ (APD). And our FXR pant just got even better. Our new and improved design increases mobility and comfort so you can do what you do best.

Engineered together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, FXR Turnouts allow you to navigate freely through the fireground with a full range of motion - even while wearing your SCBA! 

Is It Worth the Weight? Drop 4lbs with TECGEN71 to Help Reduce Your Risk of Heat Stress  

FXR Turnouts built with a TECGEN71 Outer Shell can contribute to a 4 pound reduction in overall composite weight since it is THE ONLY outer shell capable of providing enough thermal protection and pair with Glide Ice 1- layer or Prism 1-layer (the lightest themal liners on today's market) and pass NFPA 1851 requirements. 

  • TECGEN71

  • TECGEN71

Emergency Egress & Bailout Options

Fire-Dex Custom Turnout Pants are available with many different options to accommodate any department's bailout equipment preferences.

Choose between our Internal Pant Harness (IPH) or an External Harness Strap option to accommodate your harness of choice.

Fire-Dex has also engineered multiple Egress Pockets to hold descent devices and rope/webbing for the fastest deployment possible.

Harness Options


I2H Integrated Class II Harness

Designed with the industry’s top PPE equipment experts and renowned firefighter training educators, the I2H is uniquely equipped, easy to don, and features incredible mobility thanks to our FX-R pant design.

What makes the I2H harness the best in its class?
  • Dual-equipped for personal escape and ladder/rescue
  • Pre-installed Class II Kevlar® harness
  • External waist belt for easy adjustment
  • Multiple harness sizes to ensure proper fit
  • Options available for left or right opening
  • Floating D-ring makes it easy to connect to any descent device

The A-frame harness provides proper egress positioning and the best center of gravity while descending. The harness is designed to respond to the user when loaded, but is relaxed and doesn’t interfere with the regular function of the turnout pant when not in use.

XMHS-7 Straps for Gemtor Class II Harness

For use with left or right-opening Gemtor harnesses. The XMHS-7 has 7 harness loops (1.5x3.5“), set approximately 3.5" apart with hook & loop closure. Additional snap closure is available (shown above).

The configuration has 1 strap on the fly, 3 on rear and 2 in crotch. The 7th strap will be 4" from the right side seam on an XMHS-7L for a left opening harness, or it will be on the left side on an XMHS-7R for a right opening harness.

XMHS-6 Straps for Class II Harness

For use with most other NFPA 1983 Class II external harnesses. The XMHS-6 has of 6 harness loops (1.5x3"), set approximately 3.5" apart with hook & loop closure. Additional snap closure is also available.

The configuration has 2 straps on the front (1 on either side of the fly), 2 on rear waist of pant, and 2 in crotch.

XMHS-5 Straps for Escape/Ladder Belt

For use with escape/ladder belts, the XMHS-5 has 5 harness loops (1.5x3") set approximately 3.5" apart with hook & loop closure. Additional snap closure is also available.

This configuration has 2 straps on the front (1 on either side of the fly) and 3 straps evenly spaced on the back of the pant.

Egress Pockets

All Egress Pockets come with a full bellow pocket and a 14” rope pocket tucked away behind the oustide pockets, eliminating the need for bulky external bags. The internal rope pocket design maintains a low profile for the firefighter which helps minimizes catch points and the opportunity for rips, tears and snagging.

Each Egress Pocket is specifically designed to securely hold the descent device specified along with a crosby hook and/or carabiner, keeping them easily accessible while preventing tangling.



The XPEG MULTI was designed with the assistance of one of the top training companies in the fire service. This pocket features a unique angled hook slot that can hold either a crosby or an aluminum hook securely and is angled to make access to the hook easier.

This pocket system also includes a descender cradle with rope slot, a 14”-deep Rope Pocket, and a 5.5”x8.5” bellow pocket.

Designed for use with any of the most popular descent devices, such as RIT, Sterling, Petzl, and CMC.


The XPEG Pocket system consists of a 14”-deep Rope Pocket, a Crosby Hook cradle, a Carabiner strap, and a 5.5”x8.5” bellow pocket. Designed for use with the RIT AL2.


The XPEG FLA Egress Pocket comes with a 14”-deep Rope pocket, a 5.5”x8” Hook pocket and a 5.5”x9” Bellow pocket. Can be used with almost any descent device.

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