Fire-Dex Classic Captain Jim Firefighting Knit Hood

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The Captain Jim Classic Fire Hood remains a department favorite across the country. It earned its reputation for its Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) rating of 34, meaning that it can tolerate and protect against 34 calories of heat per square centimeter.

Available with Stedair® PREVENT particulate blocking technology.

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Best-in-class for flame and heat resistance
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initial TPP 29.5 which increases with washings
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Wicks away moisture (perspiration, water, and even steam).
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Provides a proper seal with your SCBA
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Flatlock seams to prevent snagging

The Story Behind the Magic of the Captain Jim Hoods

Known today as the Capt. Jim Fire Hood, Kevin F. O’Donoghue, an FDNY firefighter for 25 years, named the hood in honor of his father, James J. O’Donoghue, who was a Captain in the FDNY and served for 34 years. O’Donoghue had the idea to create a safer, more comfortable hood with superior thermal protection without diminishing a firefighter’s awareness of sudden environmental changes. The Capt. Jim Fire Hood is built for intense heat conditions with an initial TPP of 29.5 and an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) rating of 34, meaning it can withstand 34 calories of heat per square centimeter. 

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“Our hoods are there to protect us from burns. A hood that keeps us “nice and warm” in the winter can also keep you from feeling the heat in a fire. When I started in the FDNY in 1974 I was taught by the senior members of my South Bronx truck company that I should “listen to your ears” When my ears started to hurt it was time to give very serious consideration as to backing out. The heat rise that my ears told me was occurring was a danger sign that firefighters today still need to be aware of.

Today’s structures are loaded with components that contribute to rapid high heat build up and flashover potential. Energy efficient windows do not fail as quickly as the old single pane windows did. This allows for a high heat build up in each room. The expanded use of plastics and synthetics in our furnishings and structural components also provides fuel for an extremely hot and toxic fire. When you add these factors to an encapsulated firefighter you can see the potential for sudden and disastrous incidents.”

-Kevin F. O’Donoghue

Captain Jim Hood in Station


Designed to be one-size-fits-all, this predominantly Spentex® hood combines comfort, thermal defense, breathability, and extended durability. Each hood features an elastic face opening to ensure a proper interfacing with any SCBA mask and an extended bib for added protection.

Spentex FR fabric

Spentex® is a carbon fiber material that is laced with Kevlar® for added strength. It’s extremely lightweight at 6 ozs and extremely durable. Its naturally-derived FR properties are within the fiber, meaning it doesn’t require protective additives like some other fabrics. In addition, it can be washed over 100 times with little or no degradation of those properties.

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1 review for Fire-Dex Classic Captain Jim Firefighting Knit Hood

  1. Sam Adams, Insight Fire Training

    I currently have 2 Capt Jim hoods, one with and one without the StedAir Prevent. I use the one with the Prevent at my department and I use the hood without the Prevent when I teach for Insight Fire Training. Both hoods perform exceptionally well in blocking heat to my neck and ears. They are extremely comfortable to wear, clean easily, and I do not notice any crinkling noise with the Stedair Prevent hood.

    I firmly believe that the Capt Jim hood is a superior hood for heat resistance, preventing burns on our most exposed areas. I will continue to purchase my own hoods for work, and will also be buying and giving them to my crew.

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